Kyungbok University was founded in March 1992 in order to realize the Kyungbok spirit of creation and service. The foundation is based upon the practical attitude of strenuous endeavor and upon the four traditional ideologies of Korea which are: Loyalty to the Motherland, Filial Piety of the Parents, Virtue in Behavior and Respect for Others. In addition to these ideologies, we have the motto of rendering benefit to all human beings.

Currently the estimated number of students are around 6,500 people, 30 majors with 2, 3 and 4 years education system.

The University is located in Namyangju, 40 mins away by bus from Seoul.


KBU Korean Education Center(KEC) is teaching Korean as a second language from Mar. 2018. KBU is developing KEC into one of the best institution for Korean education with outstanding faculty, excellent teaching materials, and caring attitude towards students from around the world. Students from all countries, of all ages, both foreigners and overseas Koreans can learn Korean language and Korean culture at KBU Korean Language Center. As a preparation program for undergraduate, you can prepare TOPIK and entrance into the university here.

Intensive Program

  • A systemized intensive Korean program for foreign students wishing to pursue Korean or prepare for their studies in Korea
  • Comprehensive teaching in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a focus on communication
  • Targets practical communication skills
  • Program consists of 5 Levels according to proficiency of Korean skill.
  • Each semester continues for 3 months, 4 semesters per year. 90Days = 13weeks: 10weeks class and 3 weeks holidays. If there are long holidays in some semesters, holidays between semesters will be linked.
  • Each level includes 200 class hours – 4hours a day(9Am~1PM), 5days a week, 10 weeks per session
  • The program includes 3 off-campus excursions and 2 cultural exchange events on campus.
  • Each class has 15-20 students.
  • Offers Korean culture programs in relation to the curriculum for better understanding of life in Korea and promoting cultural awareness
  • Students are eligible to apply for the General Training Visa (D-4)


24 January; 7 March; 25 April; 13 June; 25 July; 10 September; 24 October; 12 December.


1,000USD/semester(3months). Minimum enrollment period is 6 months (2 semesters) to apply for D-4 visa

Additional Fees:

Application Fee : 45 USD – 50,000KRW Non-refundable
Materials : 60 USD – 70,000KRW/semester

Insurance: 50USD – 80 USD /6 months
Dormitory : 150 USD – 170,000KRW/month(Triple Share) , 200 USD – 240,000KRW(Quad Share)
Airport Pickup : 45 USD – 50,000KRW/one-way (Airport pickup is free if you arrive at airport on Friday of a week prior to class beginning date)

Visa fee in Korean Consulate in Istanbul: Students are eligible to apply for the General Training Visa (D-4).

Please visit the website:

PLEASE NOTE: EAST WEST EDUCATION don’t charge the fee for this program!


  1. Submission of Application to
  2. Submission of required documents to
  3. Determination of Eligibility of Documents
  4. Interview with the University (online)
  5. Issuance of offer letter
  6. Payment of Tuition
  7. Issuance of Certificate of Admission
  8. Visa application
  9. Enrollment


For university and Korean embassy:

  • Application form
  • 1 E-photo  (3×4 cm)
  • Official transcript of academic records and certificate of (prospective) diploma – Apostille
  • Photocopy of Applicant’s Passport and ID card of parent’s (Foreign Registration card, if any)
  • Photocopy of Family relationship certificate or Birth certificate.  – To check up relationship between student and parents

For Korean embassy only:

  • Proof of employment and annual income of Parents
  • Bank statement more than 5,000 USD  – its minimum amount for 6 months.  Students who want to get longer visa need to prepare 9,000USD

*All documents should be submitted in English or Korean languages.

*Depending on the home country, some of the above documents may be waived or required more documents.


KBU has newly established dormitory on campus. All international students can be accommodated at dorm due to sufficient scale of the building. We also offer temporary group accommodation for study tour, conferences, events and other gatherings.

  • Capacity : 300 Rooms (220 Twin shared rooms , 80 Triple shared rooms) 10 Storey building
  • Establishment : Mar. 2018
  • Facilities : Restaurant and Communal cooking room (1F), Study room (Each floor)
  • KBU offers 2 types of dormitory rooms
  • Twin shared room : 240,000/month Shower& Toilet ensuite, bed, desk, personal wardrobe, refrigerator
  • Triple shared room : 170,000/month Shower& Toilet ensuite, bed, desk, personal wardrobe, refrigerator
  • No kichenette or cooking facilities in dorm room. Students who want to cook themselves should use
  • You can use communal kitchen for self-cooking located 1st floor of dormitory.
  • It is obligation for international student to reside dormitory for first one year of undergraduate



Gym & Fitness Center

KBU is offering Gym & Fitness center to all students. From 9AM to 9PM, all students can enjoy sports or exercise at free of charge.


University has a well-equipped library that can fully support students’ knowledge acquisition.

  • 300 seats 150,000 books
  • Library hours: 9am – 9pm

Woodang Art Hall

Located on the ground floor of Munhwakwan Building, it has 512 seats along with cutting-edge sound and lighting equipment. It has been used as the venue of a variety of performances, exhibitions, forums and degree conferment ceremony.

Location ground floor, Munhwakwan Building

Food Court

There are two cafeterias for students: Azalea Cafeteria serves Korean meals and Western foods; and Clover Cafeteria serves snacks and noodles. Staff can use the reserved area of Clover Cafeteria.


– Meals are not included in the payment for accommodation, but are available in the canteens, in the student cafeteria or in restaurants off campus. The cost of one meal in canteen is approximately 3,500 ~ 5,000 won (USD 3—5). Middle level of students spend 300USD/month including transportation, meal and telecommunication.

– After 6 months you can get a part-time job. If you got a TOPIK level 2 certificate, you can work 20 hours/week If not, 10hours/week legally. Salary is 7USD~8USD/hours. Most of international students are working at restaurants or factories.

– There is a bus stop named Jamsil station right at the university, from which you can get to Seoul (40-50 min ride depending on traffic jams). Bus number is «8012», bus stop is 잠실 which is the final stop. One way trip to Seoul city is around 2.50 USD. Also you can get to E-mart supermarket by this bus (approx. 20 mins. ride)

– University is surrounded by mountains and a forest, many beautiful views and fresh air

– Telephone Sim card can buy at mobile phone shop after they make foreigner’s ID card


Career after graduation

– After graduating from the university, you will receive a D-10 visa, which allows you to search for jobs for up to two years

– If you received an associate degree at the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Tourism and Management, and your GPA is 3.0 or higher, or received a state certification that corresponds to your specialization, you can get an E7 visa to work in a company that is directly related to your specialization

– Graduates of the faculties of nursing, oral hygiene, medicine and healthcare (except for the department of medical cosmetology), human resources development will not be able to find jobs in Korea due to the rules of state certification.

– At all faculties when receiving a bachelor’s program according to the 3 + 1 and 2 + 2 systems, it is possible to work internally if you receive an E7 visa.



Shanghai office:
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Istanbul office:
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