The technological and financial growth of China is well known far beyond the limits of the country. China is the second economy of the world after the USA and the first in the ratio of GDP and purchasing power. Moreover, if earlier the bulk of Chinese production accounted for copies of foreign products and technologies, nowadays China has its own original and exclusive solutions. An important role in shaping the country’s economy was played by the government.  First, the priorities were correctly identified: most of the state budget today is invested in education. Universities that bring valuable employees to the country are almost entirely subsidized by the state. Hence the race for improving the quality of education has begun.  Secondly, primary and secondary education were declared mandatory for all. Only tough measures at the legislative level could cope with the dominance of illiteracy.

In the early 1990s, only 4% of the population in China had a higher education, only 12% received a high school diploma and 11% had no education at all. The number of outstanding researchers, prestigious universities, victories in various Olympiads was very low but today the situation has changed dramatically. Hence, the world is showing its growing interest in Chinese education .

As a key priority of the Chinese Ministry of Education is to attract more international students to the country, the number of international students in China has grown more than tenfold since 1995, from 36,855 to 442,773 and this number keeps growing.   The reasons for that are:


Due to the large pots of scholarship money available made by the  China Scholarship Council, cost of tuition became extremely attractive to international students. China is becoming one of the best destinations for foreign study.


A wide range of scholarship programs is offered to international students with different background, from full scholarships covering tuition, accommodation and offering monthly stipend to partial scholarships covering some part of your tuition fee. Chinese government provides the equivalent of $300 million in scholarships to international students each year.


As China has economical relationships with most of the countries in the world and as foreign investment to and from China continues to grow more and more well-informed international people will be needed to staff key positions in marketing, government relations, business strategy, etc. You be ideally suited to take on positions in Chinese and foreign corporations with strong international connections.


Chinese universities have been increasingly improving the quality of academy, research, innovation, and teaching level over the past few years. Now, some of them have been fallen into the top tier of many global rankings as well as highly respected. Based on the statistics, China has had more universities under the world ranking list of higher education than any other countries except United states.


In order to better integrate local and foreign students is to provide more courses taught in English, “which opens up more opportunities for greater interactions inside and outside of the classrooms for all students”. Universities are also employing more faculty members from around the world who teach in English.


China is considered to be one of the most secure countries in the world. Firearm possession without genuine reasons is lawfully prohibited. It is safe to hang out even at mid-night in most big cities.

✔️ First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the right decision you’ve made by applying for a scholarship in China. Quality of education in China is improving year by year and by now it is very competitive, popular and has a good reputation. A lot of money goes into the development of Chinese universities, and the outcomes are reflected in the form of world rankings which many of the country’s universities have scaled, particularly Tsinghua University and Peking University. Tsinghua University (ranked 29th in the world), has been recognized as the best university in China for 2019, according to the CEOWORLD magazine University Ranking, while Peking University (ranked 40th in the world) and Fudan University(ranked 89th in the world) placed second and third, respectively.

✔️ Secondly we work directly with the universities, which is a big advantage for students. When student is applying for scholarships by himself, he is not sure if his application has been reviewed, moreover he learns the results of his application in the summer only, when applications for another scholarships are closed, hence student needs to wait for the next year to try with the application again.

Imagine that you have submitted your application, are put your hopes and waiting for the great news but in the end you find out that your application was unsuccessful and you don’t even have time to apply for another scholarship! You are losing one year of your life and losing your energy to go through this again, not because of the complicated process but because of emotional decline. We ‘ve met many students in this situation and we understand how hard and tiring it can be.

When the student is applying with us, we make sure that student’s application will be reviewed and we can also learn the results of his application 2-3 weeks after official submitting of documents, hence if application was unsuccessful, we have time to apply for another scholarship. And we will continue applying until the students gets a scholarship. Usually it’s not more than 3-5 applications.

✔️ Thirdly, Universities prefer to cooperate with the agencies as we take a big amount of work on our shoulders: we answer students’ questions, help them with the application process, collecting the documents, pre-evaluating the application and etc.

As the process of applying for Chinese scholarships is not very complicated the number of students applying from all over the world is increasing every year, making it impossible for university members to evaluate every candidate. Can you imagine how many students apply each year to one particular university? In big cities up to 800 students qualify for 1 scholarship, in small cities up to 100 students. And how many questions, requests a teacher from particular university needs to answer and process every day! It’s a big amount of work, which in most cases is not under the force of university representatives. That is why universities are ready to give a number of scholarships to agencies, so we can provide them with the suitable candidates, who has all the documents ready and whose questions has been already answered.

✔️ It is also important to understand that although some scholarships depend on outstanding academic records, your chances of success are often determined by the quality of your application, and whether or not you are in financial need. There are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of gaining a scholarship. When applying for scholarships, you should make sure to include all the documentation requested, and dedicate plenty of time to writing your application. In particular, it’s important to clearly communicate your motivations for studying and how gaining a scholarship will support your ambitions. Stay within the deadlines and, most importantly, show the scholarship providers you have the potential to do great things! But don’t be scared, we will assist on it!

✔️ We are not promising you stars from the sky but we are promising to increase your chances of getting the scholarship. We cooperate with different universities in China and have a direct contact with their representatives. On the early stage of application, we will learn about your chances and we will make sure that your application has been reviewed. We will pick up the universities where per our experience you have high chances to get a scholarship. And please remember that it is IN OUR INTERESTS that you will get a scholarship, if the student is applying with us we will do our best to help you get a scholarship, otherwise we will do a refund!

✔️ Another reason to choose us is because our team consists of students like you are, who studied abroad and knows what kind of difficulties, issues and shock the student can face upon arrival abroad. We do know that the choice of studying abroad will influence the whole life and realize that it is a big decision to make. We also know that the first stage of adaptation to a new culture, new country and new people can be stressful and terrifying hence we know how necessary it is to have a support nearby. To get a support from someone who knows the culture and mindset of both: a new country and your own, as most difficulties come mostly from misunderstanding each other’s ideas and mindset.

China has become a hub of international students, attractinglarger numbers than any other Asian country in recent years, according to the People’s Daily website In the last two years, the number of international students in China has been growing 10 percent annually.

But why does China is so willing to give scholarships to international students?

▪First of all, The number of foreign students in a university increases the university’s position in world rankings.

▪Secondly, Chinese government sees foreign students as a long-term investment in China’s economic development. This whole system is aimed at making the world community interested in Chinese business projects. After all, foreign students in China will somehow contribute to the development of international cultural and economic ties.

Very smart, isn’t it?




– study one year Chinese language

– study Chinese in our school

– enter the English department 


– Apply for full/partial language scholarship or 1+4, 1+2 degree scholarship with one year of Chinese courses for free



– having sufficient Chinese language skills you apply directly for Bachelor / Master’s or PhD programs (HSK 4,5)


– applying for full/partial scholarship according to the results of Chinese language proficiency and educational background



– having sufficient level of English you can enroll in the English department of undergraduate / graduate programs (IELTS 5)


– applying for full/partial scholarship according to the results of English language proficiency and educational background


Step 1

Fill in the application form  and send your diploma, transcripts, certificates, awards to for pre-evaluation.

Step 2

After pre-evaluation we can  consult you on programs suitable for your profile and matching your interests.

Step 3

Choose universities, prioritize them so we could apply to different universities to increase your chances of getting the scholarship.

Step 4

Sign agreement with our agency and make a payment. Payment is split into 2 installments: 50% upon signing agreement, the rest 50% when ADMISSION LETTER and JW FORM are issued.

Step 5

Collect required documents. We will advise you on writing a motivation letter/ study plan. Assist you on translating and notarizing the documents if necessary and check your documents for mistakes.

Step 6

After all the documents collected we will make official application to the university. In 2-3 weeks we will know the results of your application: in case student got the scholarship, we will wait for the documents from the university, in case application was not successful we will submit your documents to the next prioritized university.

Step 7

Issuance of ADMISSION LETTER and JW FORM. As soon as the documents are issued, the rest 50% of the payment needs to be done.

Step 8

Visa application. Student needs to collect the documents required for X1 student visa. The list of documents required can be obtained on the website of Chinese Consulate of your country.

Step 9

Arrival to China. Airport pick up service, accommodation booking service (if necessary)


1.   Passport Scan
2.   High School / Bachelor degree Diploma or transcript, if still studying – letter from school declaring the graduation date. All the documents must be translated into English/Chinese and notarized
3.   Recommendation letters 2 pcs
4.   Health Report Scan
5.   Non-criminal record translated into English/Chinese and notarized
6.   3х4 size e-photo


1.   Passport Scan
2.   High School Diploma or transcript, if still studying – letter from school declaring the graduation date. All the documents must be translated into English/Chinese and notarized
3.   Recommendation letters 2 pcs
4.   Health Report Scan
5.   Non-criminal record translated into English/Chinese and notarized
6.   Study Plan
7.   HSK 4, IELTS 5.5
8.   3х4 size e-photo


1.   Passport Scan
2.   Bachelor degree Diploma and trascript , if still studying – letter from University declaring the graduation date, translated into English/Chinese and notarized
3.  Recommendation letters 2 pcs
4.  Health Report Scan
5.  Non-criminal record translated into English/Chinese and notarized
6.  Study Plan
7.  HSK 5, IELTS 5.5
8.  3х4 size e-photo

PhD Degree:

1. Passport Scan
2.  Bachelor degree + Master’s degree Diplomas with transcript translated into English/Chinese and notarized
3.  Recommendation letters 2 pcs
4.  Health Report Scan
5.  Non-criminal record translated into English/Chinese and notarized
6.  Study Plan
7.  HSK 5, IELTS 5.5
8.  3х4 size e-photo

To access the list of available scholarships please check the EXCEL FILE ‘SCHOLARSHIPS 2020’ from the link below. Please note, that the file is instantly updated:

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