1.Do I need to speak Chinese to apply for this program?

No, Chinese is not required. You need to speak good and fluent English to apply for this program. Sometimes families would be interested in Au Pairs speaking other European languages.

2.Do I need to hold an English speaking certificate to apply for this program?

Certificate is not required. You English level will be examined during the interview with the agency.

3.Do I need to pay for this program?

The program is free of charge. You need to pay only for your flight ticket and visa fee in your home country. If your stay period is longer than 6 months you can get a return ticket or a good program completion BONUS which covers your airway expenses.

4.Can I apply together with my spouse or child?

Unfortunately not. It is required to be not married and have no kids when applying for this program.

5. Can I extend my contract if I like the program?

Yes, you can. Agency will help you to extend your visa too.

6. How long does the matching process take?

It takes usually around 1-2 months before Au Pair arrives to the family.

7. How can I apply for this program?

You need to fill in the application form and shoot a self introductory video 1-2 mins long about yourself, your experience with kids if any and reasons why you want to participate in this program.

8. Can I apply if I am not coming from English speaking country?

Yes, you can apply as soon as your English level fluent and if it is possible to get a visa for you.

1 .What is the program cost?

We don’t charge any fee for the program. The only fees you need to pay are expenses related to collecting the documents for working visa in China and a flight ticket. Some schools offer a contract completion Bonus which covers partially your flight ticket expenses.

2. Can I apply for this job if I don’t have related experience?

Yes, you can apply, though having English teaching experience is a big advantage. The school will  give training during the first few days of your work.

3. Do I need to speak Chinese to be able to apply for this program?

Chinese skills are not required as it is preferred to speak only English with students.

4. What type of visa do we I for working in China?

The school will apply for working visa for you. The main requirements for working visa are Bachelor degree and 2 years of postgraduate working experience.

5. What are the schools located.

We cooperate with schools all over China. If you have any city preferences we can search for a job according to your request.

6. Can I work short term?

Unfortunately not. The minimum contract term is 12 months. If you want to apply for a short-term program we recommend you to apply for Au Pair China program.

7. Do I have to be a native speaker or hold an English certificate to apply for this job?

No, you don’t have to be a native English speaker. As soon as your English is fluent with clear accent you can apply for this job. English certificates are not obligatory but preferred.

8. What is the age limit?

You need to be under the age of 50.

9. How will I get paid?

You will get paid either by cash or to your Chinese bank account. In either case, it is advised to have a Chinese bank account so that you can use a local ATM card instead of carrying around large amounts of cash.

1. Can I stay in China after my contract finished to go traveling?

Yes, you can, but it is advised to make such plans prior your arrival to China to make sure your visa expiration date gives you time to travel.

2. How long does it take to get the job offer and arrive to China.

It may take up to 3 months to come to China, as you will need to collect and legalize documents for working visa.

3. What type of visa do I get to participate in this program?

We will help you to apply for working visa. The main requirements for working visa are Bachelor degree and 2 years of postgraduate working experience.

4. Is there any application period for this program?

Internship offers are available during the whole year, so you can apply any time you are ready.

5. Do I need to speak Chinese to apply for this job?

Mostly not, but some Hotels require basic Chinese to apply for the internship.

6. How do I apply?

To apply for this program please send your CV in English with Headshot photo.

7. Can I choose a particular city?

We’ll do our best to place you in a desired city.

8. Will someone pick me up from the airport?

Yes, airport pick-up is included in the fee

What is the procedure and fee to get a Topic certificate for language students?

Students should apply online for TOPIK test, generally 2 months prior to the exam date.

Our office always announces to the students to apply TOPIK to our office then we will reserve the tests

TOPIK I (level 1,2) is 35,000KRW (USD 30)         TOPIK II (level 3,4,5,6) is 40,000KRW (USD 35)

Can students work while studying? If yes, how many hours and what salary can they expect and what type of jobs?

Yes, After 6 months, students can get part time job. If they have TOPIK level 2 certificate, they can work 20 hours/week If not, 10hours/week regally.

Salary is 7USD~8USD/hours. most of our international students are working at restaurant or factory

Can student attend Korean language courses without any knowledge of English as Korean will be taught in English?

Yes, we have international students from almost 20 countries. Some of them can not speak English nor Korean when they arrive in Korea, But 3 months later, they begin to speak some of Korean.

1. What types of scholarships are available?

There is a big amount of scholarships available for international students in China,  ranging from partial scholarships which cover some tuition fees, to full scholarships which cover the duration of your studies. There are also many different types of scholarships for international students from certain regions, or even students studying in a certain field. But the mains scholarships are:

1) Chinese Government Scholarship

2) Local Government Scholarship (city or province)

3) Confucius Institute Scholarship

4) University Scholarship

We mainly work with the University and Government scholarships. These scholarships are split into type A, B and C.

Type A: free education + free accommodation + monthly stipend

Type B: free education + free accommodation

Type C: you get a significant discount for education and accommodation

2 .How to get a scholarship in China?

First, you need to be realistic about your achievements. Secondly, you need to choose a degree, major, university and scholarship type. If you don’t know which university, major or scholarship to choose, contact us for free consultation. We will evaluate your achievements and advise the scholarship which suits you the most.

3. When do lessons start?

Language courses: March or September/October and study until July of the next year .

Bachelor/ MA/ PhD: lessons start only in the first semester which is September/ October and finish in July .

4. What is the application date?

Applications usually start in January and finish in April for degree scholarships and until late July for language courses.

The earlier you apply the more chances you have of gaining the full scholarship.

5. Is there any age limit for the programs?

Yes, there is age limits for the programs.

Language course:  16 – 48 y.o

Bachelors: under 25 y.o

Masters: under 30 y.o

PhD: under 35 y.o

6. Can I get a scholarship if I don’t speak Chinese language?

Yes. Students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement for the major study shall take 1-2 years’ Chinese language classes or enter the foundation before they start the major program. At the same time you can choose to study in English but English proficiency certificate is required in this case.

7. Can I apply to more than one university?

Yes, you can apply to more than one university. After our pre-evaluation, we can apply to 3-5 different universities according to the student’s eligibility and university priorities.

8. Can I transfer from my university to a university in China?

Unfortunately not, you cannot transfer to a university in China from your university. You have to start your education from the beginning.

9. Is it possible to do part-time job during my study period?

No, it is not legal to work when you are a student in China.

11. Can I apply for the scholarship if I am on my last year of education?

Yes, you can. If you are still studying but about to graduate, you need to provide with the letter from school stating your graduation date.

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